Kirby Morrow

 Kirby Morrow is a Canadian actor, voice actor, writer, and comedian. He was born in Jasper, Alberta and studied theater at Mount Royal University in Calgary. Throughout his career, Kirby has also trained in Vancouver, Paris, Dublin, Toronto and Los Angeles. Reaching a successful stature in both on camera and animation voice overs, Kirby is a highly sought after guest at animation, science fiction and Comicon conventions around the world. He is well-known for his voices as Cole on Ninjago, Anakin Skywalker on LEGO Star Wars, Miroku on InuYasha: The Final Act, Teru Mikami on Death Note, and Goku on Dragon Ball Z.  

Alex Zahara

Alex Zahara was born in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada. Alex has over 100 screen credits and has appeared in numerous plays. Alex recently directed and co-produced his first short film, Not Indian Enough and Co-Produced the feature, Patterson's Wager, as well as having a lead role. Alex has starred/co-starred in such shows as ABC's Once Upon A Time as King Midas, AMC's Hell On Wheels as Lt. Weston, (recurring) and can be seen as Doctor Renard in the upcoming feature film Horns starring Daniel Radcliff. A familiar face to sci-fi fans, Alex has also appeared as 8 different characters on Stargate SG-1, more than any other actor, most of them in full prosthetic makeup.  

Sage Brocklebank

 Sage Brocklebank is an actor and producer from Vancouver, British Columbia. He has an extensive history in television with appearances on Once Upon a Time, Supernatural, Fringe, Smallville, Arrow, Andromeda, The 4400Stargate SG-1Sanctuary, and in numerous movies-of-the-week. He is best known for his long-standing role as police officer Buzz McNab for Eight seasons on USA Network’s comedy-drama Psych. He has recently added producing films to his repertoire with production roles in his last three films: SuspensionReal Fiction, and Ariel Unraveling

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