Cosplay Contest

We have a full weekend of competitions for you! Strut your stuff and show off your style in our cosplay contests - adults and children having separate opportunities to win prizes!

Adult Cosplay Contest

1st: 2018 Kobe-Kon Cosplay Contest Trophy and $100 Anime World Gift Card

2nd: $50 Anime World Gift Card

3rd: $25 Anime World Gift Card

Youth Cosplay Contest (12&Under)

1st: Two Free Regal Movie Tickets


Application for Panels

Binge on episodes from the latest shows, watch films, chat with voice actors,  and shout your OTP's from the mountain top! Know your stuff? Want to connect with others who have similar interests? Panel sign-up is open now!

Free Raffle

Every hour, on the hour! This year, Kobe-kon will be hosting a FREE raffle! Prizes include (but are not limited to): 

      - items donated by Anime World

      - snacks

      - autographed 

      - Kobe-kon merch

      - and more! 

Everyone has a chance to win! 

Masqurade Ball

Complete with decorations and music to set the scene,  Kobe-kon is hosting a formal ball the first night of the convention.  Dress to impress! Bring a mask of your own or, if you don't have one available, there will be a selection available at Everett Anime World. (Masks are not required for attendance - they are just fun!) 


Game Room

Kobe-kon, as a newly blooming convention, really wishes to focus its efforts into connecting with our attendees and meeting their needs as far as events and entertainment goes. With the resources available to us in our first year, we were able to proved a room for gaming - a set up with few arcade styled machines  and various playing consoles; our most popular being the multiplayer games as they gave a better chance for more people to have a turn playing. We also held card tournaments for Pokemon, Yu-gi-oh!, and Magic the Gathering - which ended up being a success in popularity for some due to the prizes at stake. It is our goal to be able to expand on our gaming opportunity through the addition of table top gaming, indie games, and VR games. We want to provide for our attendees, the chance to try new things as well as show off the skills they have honed but have not yet had a chance to show off publicly. As Kobe-kon grows, our goal is to create an atmosphere of family fun and inclusiveness for all in attendance - to ensure that everyone has a chance to find something they love. 

K-Pop Til You Drop Dance

Polish up your danceing shoes and get ready for a night of action! We have a crazy playlist of the most popular artists in k-pop! Don't be afraid to show off your moves! 

Main Stage

We will have a variety of games and shows during the convention that take place right on our main stage. There will be seating available for relaxation and an events coordinator to keep things exciting! Main stage will host the adult and child divisions of the cosplay contests!

Special Guests

Kobe-kon welcomes veterans of the anime industry to Everett! We will have meet-and-greets, autograph sessions, and panels throughout the weekend! 

Work Shops

Ever wonder what goes into game developing? Interested in making your own cosplay or styling wigs? Check out the workshops scheduled! Ready to teach? Workshop applications are available to submit now!

Final Fantasy Fight Tournament

 Final Fantasy Fight Tournament
Have you ever played Final Fantasy and been in a encounter? Well how would you like to do that in real life? N.A.N. Entertainment will be hosting a live action Final Fantasy Fight Tournament at Kobe Kon.
How do you play FFFT?
A Rock. Paper, Scissors decides who goes first. We need a total of 8 teams of 3 players each. Come up with a cool name for your team and join us on stage to battle it out free style. In the past, we have had some amazing battles take place. Players doing back flips, round houses and air aerobics that will blow your mind. BUT, there is NO PHYSICAL CONTACT, NO LIQUIDS, NO CONFETTI, NO SILLY STRING. You want to create the illusion that you are striking your opponent. And that opponent should dramatically respond to said 'hit'. The whole idea is to entertain the audience and impress the judges.
How are players judged?
All rules that apply to the game apply here as well. 3 hits points ends you and you will 'die' on that spot. Dramatically as possible within reason. There will be a spotter on stage to let you know your hit level.
Each team can have 1 summons per battle. A summons takes off 1 hit point per opponent. A summons can be just about anything that is not illegal or overly perverted. Example: We had a Alucard cosplayer who stood behind stage talking on a mic like you had reached his voice mail. He sounded just like him. He stated he was not available but would be sending his Police Girl. Police Girl came out on stage and took everyone out as Alucard narrated the whole thing behind scene.
All players must attend a 30 min pre meeting to make sure everything goes as planbed and to answer questions.
What do you win?
A Tournament Trophy and Gift Cards to Anime World.  Please click on the link to sign up your team. 

Mad Bros Media At Kobe-Kon

Mad Bros Media will be here to record, have fun, and live stream some of the event!

Zak Labs At Kobe-Kon

Zak Labs will be providing teaching attendees about building cosplay parts and different techniques to make your cosplay outshine the rest!