Welcome to Kobe-Kon 2018

July 13th - 15th

Volunteers Needed

Kobe-Kon Cosplay Contest


We have a full weekend of competitions for you! Strut your stuff and show off your style in our cosplay contests - adults and children having separate opportunities to win prizes!

Adult Cosplay Contest

1st: 2018 Kobe-Kon Cosplay Contest Trophy and $100 Anime World Gift Card

2nd: $50 Anime World Gift Card

3rd: $25 Anime World Gift Card

Youth Cosplay Contest (12&Under)

1st: Two Free Regal Movie Tickets

Seattle Indie Games At Kobe-Kon


Seattle Indie Games will be at Kobe-Kon 2018 to provide you with hot trendy indie games.


The Window Box by Sundew Studios
Puzzle Depot by Laughing Manatee Games
convergence by cloverfirefly
At Last Alone by Stev Weidlich
Erno Lights by Herman Chau
Supreme Courtship by Jesse Shepherd
The Witching Hour by Ashley Rivas
Unstable Scientific by Masha Falkov
CATcher by fluffy
Overworked by Team NPC
Great Emu War: 2032 by All-Nighter Games

Holo Deck 3D Studios At Kobe-Kon


Holo Deck 3D Studios uses a 3d capture system to take ones likeness and create a 3D model.  At Kobe-Kon Holo Deck will be taking scans of attendees and will have models of those scans available for purchase upon request.