Welcome to Kobe-Kon 2017

July 7th - 9th

The Konvention in the Mall

Yes, it is being held in a mall.

Traditionally when you go to a convention it would be in a convention center or hotel.after going to so many conventions that can tend to get stale. we are mixing things up this time.

Note: Normal mall access will not be restricted due to the Konvention.


There will be plenty to do at Kobe Kon:

 Main Stage, Arcade-video game room, Table Top Game Room,Manga Library, K-Pop Concert, Special Guest, Artist Alley,Vendor hall, Masquerade Ball,Anime Dance....


We have amazing guests lined up! Kirby Morrow, Sage Brocklebank, Alex Zahara

Nomtom, Joe lee/Metoo, Konsoul, Loki


 There will be a Masquerade ball on Friday night (9:30-12:00) and Anime Dance Saturday Night (9:30-12:00)

K-Pop Concert

K-Pop Till You Drop Concert 

Friday 7th @ Northwest Music Hall Everett

from 6:00pm-12:00am

Check Out Our Amazing Artist:

Nomtom. Joe Lee/Metoo. Konsoul. Loki